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For the Sacred Forest

Cacao Gardener!

Our Mission.

Cacao Gardener is a not-for-profit initiative with a simple intention:

Working together to plant trees and restore biodiverse, spirited Cacao forests in right relationship with people and the planet. Join our community and become yourself a Cacao “Spirit” Gardener and a guardian to a sacred Cacao Tree.
We encourage closing a circle within our offerings, blessing the source, learning about sustainable practices on the field and investing into regenerative practices that honour the Cacao farmers and their families

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Our partner in Colombia

Sierra Divina

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About Us

Our Vision

We love Cacao. We honour the sacred Cacao spirit gifting us with a heart-warming and soul-nourishing medicine. We want to learn from the Cacao tree and nurture all stages from planting, to growing, harvesting, and serving the heart-opening medicine in ceremony. 

The Cacao Gardener vision is to work with a ceremonial Cacao that was grown in the right way, with the permission and the blessing of the elders, nurtured by prayers, blessings and gifts from Cacao lovers from all around the world. We envision a living bridge between people, plants and traditions to sustain the quality of life so that consciousness, gratitude and love can blossom.

Together, we weave the vision of a healthy, spirited Cacao forest grown in right relationship and bring regeneration to Cacao farms.


Cacao Gardener


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